YOur PC is holding you back

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Most people that have PCs aren't using them to their full potential. Every professional gamer and Content Creator we worked with told us this after tuning their PC:

1. Lets say your time is worth around 50$/hour, and since you spend an average of 91 hours in searching how to fix tech issues per year, you're losing out on $4,550 a year. That's a whole PC!

2. Your PC has a higher chance of dying from Dust than from an overclock or tune

3. In FPS games, you could win 30-40% more gunfights and games so you can outperform your friends

4. Do you upload or record content? You can save 25% more time and gain more viewers

5. We had a pro player go from a 0.60 K/D to a 1.4 K/D just because his PC was holding him back.

6. Most of the people who bought our PC services or PCs worked on their PCs so they were able to write it off on their taxes. *Not Financial Advice, talk to your accountant*

Imagine how much more time you would have. Imagine how much better you'll be playing your favorite games. Imagine being able to see your enemies in games first.

Let's tune your PC or build you the PC of your Dreams and If we can't boost your PC's performance, you can have your money back.

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PC Tune


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