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SenseQuality will provide you a 1 on 1 experience with your own personal tech to make sure you get the best performance possible. We will remote into your PC and perform the service for you.


Step 1:
Schedule an appointment on
Step 2:
You will receive a email with a Zoom link. This is important as you will be using this to meet with your tech!
Step 3:
Join the meeting at time assigned!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to send my PC to you?
No, we work on your PC Remotely
What programs do I need previous to appointment?
You don't need anything but Zoom
Where do I join SenseQuality appointment?
You will receive a email with a zoom link
How do I contact my tech before appointment?
SenseQuality has multiple techs. You should receive a email with your techs Contact Email.
Do I have to be at my PC during the appointment?
Yes you have to be present during your appointment to ensure the best results

Does my PC Qualify for PC Overclocking?

Do you have a Intel CPU?

You qualify if your PC has a K or KF at the end of its name


10900K or 10900KF, 10700K or 10700KF, i9-9900K or i9-9900KF

Do you have a Ryzen CPU?

You qualify if your PC has a X at the end.


5950x, 5900x, 5800X, 3700X, 3950X


If you are on a older version of Ryzen CPUs (Ryzen 2000s,1000s), we HIGHLY recommend upgrading to Ryzen 5000 to obtain the BEST results possible after a PC Overclocking.